Parent's Nirvana

Being a parent can be quite stressful. Thankfully, with the help of Parentsmile's web app, peace of mind is just a tap away - babysitter, pediatrician, psychologist... whatever at-home help you need, to keep calm and relaxed.

The parents, the kids and the dog are shot separately, and then implemented in a 3D ambient. It's been a long process, with carefully crafted CGI items, but the result definitely brought us to our own inner peace.

Chief Creative Officer: Francesco Guerrera
Executive Creative Director: Massimo Del Monaco
Senior Art Director: Carlotta Concas
Senior Copywriter: Micol Piovosi
Junior Art Director: Federica D'Arrigo
Photographer: Davide Bellocchio
Retouching: Scramble Studio
CGI: Marco Sarno - Scramble Studio
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